Rachel Saunders Ceramics by Lyndsey+Lauren

We've just added some beautiful new ceramics by Vancouver Island-based maker Rachel Saunders. With the holidays looming on the near horizon these unique pieces are perfect gifts for the individual that appreciates all things art and handmade.  Or, you know, if you want to treat yourself. There's nothing wrong with that. 

Photo 2015-12-03, 2 42 45 PM.jpg
Photo 2015-12-03, 2 46 12 PM.jpg


Rachel is a multi-disciplinary artist that specializes in functional and purposeful handmade objects. She is a self taught ceramicist that values the beauty in small but important details and the entire process of the craft.



Visit us at 315 Abbott St to see the collection!

Inside 315 Abbott St. by Lyndsey+Lauren

We've spent the last couple weeks getting settled (and organized) in the new spot. If you've been following our instagram (@heyjudeshop) you've seen us share photos from the shop as well as some of the new lines we're carrying. If you haven't well then this peek inside if for you. More to come... 

Shop hours are: Monday closed, Tuesday - Saturday 11-7pm and Sunday's 12-5pm. 


Hey Jude's Gastown shop is opening Oct. 23! by Lyndsey+Lauren

It's been a crazy few months as we've been hustling to get our first full-blown, full-on, permanent retail shop ready to open. We've done it all, right down to the taping and mudding of the drywall. I don't think we could have created a project that was more of a labour of love (and sweat) if we tried and we are SO incredibly excited to show everyone what we've done!  

So set your calendars because you are going to want first dibs on this dreamy collection. 

The Next Chapter by Lyndsey+Lauren

We feel extremely fortunate to have had the unique opportunity to take our business for a test run in multiple different locations, featuring an assortment of varied products and for ranging lengths of time. Not only have we been able to organically grow into who are today but we've invited our customers along for our journey of growth and discovery. 

When we were finished setting up at 315 Abbott Street for our last pop-up shop in April, there  was a moment when we turned to each other and realized "this place feels right". All the years of work we had put in seemed to bring us to that one moment where we realized we were ready for the next chapter. Little did we know in that moment that it was going to be that very location that presented itself to us in an almost "is this really happening" sort of way. 

After a few months of all the nitty gritty (business plans, bank meetings, lawyers... you name it) we have now signed the lease and are taking possession in early August at 315 Abbott St. A whole new list of tasks has now presented itself as we now prepare for our very first full-time retail shop to open this Fall.  It's a time of transition for us but also a time that we've been able to reflect on all the experiences and people that have brought us to this point. We are so thankful for all the support and love we've received and are extremely excited to show you everything we've been working on. 

It's only up from here.

Spring Shop in Gastown by Lyndsey+Lauren

It's been a whirlwind of a week and we are getting so anxious/excited to be opening our first pop-up in Gastown! It's been a goal since we started to be able to set up Hey Jude there and we are looking forward to sharing our shop with a new neighbourhood. 

Our collection this season has our usual signature aesthetic as well as some fresh influence by the 70's revival. We've been drawn to neutral patterns, textures and pops of colour and are excited to add in a bit of home decor to this collection. 

We'll be opening shop this Friday all the way until April 30th, 11-7pm every day. Expect new items to be added to the shop throughout and keep up to date by following our instagram (@heyjudeshop) to see whats in the shop!

This Friday night we're going to kick it off by staying open late so grab a friend and swing by for a cold one. Everyone is welcome :)

Design Inspiration : Matthias Heiderich by Lyndsey+Lauren

If you've been on Pinterest or Tumblr in the last few years you may have scrolled by images by German photographer, Matthias Heiderich. Known to some by his popular Flickr name - heartbeatbox. His photos are incredibly inspiring and his unique eye for capturing angles and textures is spot on.

Visit his website for some more architectural photography to drool over.


New Studio by Lyndsey+Lauren

We're officially moved into our new studio and are SO in love. It's here that we'll be working day to day and planning out whats to come for Spring 2015 and the rest of the year! 

Since this is a retail shop as well as a work space, we will be opening our doors as often as possible so that you can come check out our beautiful new space and shop our latest collection! We'll be open this weekend, February 21 + 22, and then March 21 + 22. Come say hi!

Sunday Specials #3 by Lyndsey+Lauren

Sunday Specials is about all the things we've been really digging lately - from music to fashion to, well, anything we feel like posting about. Whenever we feel we have some rad gems to share we're going to round them up and a post a dose of inspiration. 


Sia proves to amaze me year after year with her incredibly profound music that speaks to the heart and is so relatable in some way or another.  She just recently released the second video in her trilogy of music videos featuring an extremely talented young dancer, Maddie Zeigler, as well as Shia LaBeouf. It's so inspiring and refreshing to see such a popular artist create something so unique with her music videos; it's not about herself and her fame, it's about the collaborative effort to create something beautiful. Here is the video, Elastic Heart:

I didn't really know what to expect when I first watched this video... I'll admit, I was a bit confused.  Here is a great article accompanied by a video showing some behind the scenes of making the Elastic Heart video and what the video represents:



Zin Helena Song is a Korean artist based in Brooklyn who creates vibrant geometric paintings and sculptures on wood and canvas. Her work is inspired by architecture and the strong energy of the city. Check out some of her cool installations below.

helen 649583_orig.jpg

Sunday Specials #2 by Lyndsey+Lauren

Sunday Specials is about all the things we've been really digging lately - from music to fashion to, well, anything we feel like posting about. Whenever we feel we have some rad gems to share we're going to round them up and a post a dose of inspiration. 


I've recently discovered Romanian born artist, Adrian Ghenie, and love his eerie portraits. Feast your eyes below. 


I stumbled across this article a few weeks back about "trusting your gut" off of Gwyneth Paltrow's website and it really sat with me. It was one of those pieces that you read and you instantly send it to your friends (and your mom) to read as well. I found the interview with the medium to be extremely interesting.

Warning: it's a super long read, but totally worth it! 



Some chill, ambient music by Bob Moses to play on this Sunday afternoon. 

Customer Style Inspiration by Lyndsey+Lauren

Whether it's styling for a photo shoot, runway show or for ourselves, styling is one of our favourite parts of the gig. It's creative. exploratory. fun. expressive. We're in love with the process of putting together some of our most loved pieces and going through that trial and error of what looks great together. The result is always something we admire and usually an unexpected combination that turns out perfectly.

While we have our process, another side of it is seeing how other people style our clothes. We often imagine how we would style a piece when we sell it, but it's even more exciting and really inspiring to see how someone else has imagined it fitting in their personal style. Below is a collection of some of our favourite looks styled by customers. We want to see how you style your Hey Jude pieces... tweet us. gram it. email us

photo 1(1).PNG

Clearly Contacts: Style Ambassadors by Lyndsey+Lauren

We had the amazing opportunity to shoot with the team from Clearly Contacts just before the holidays. They came to visit us in our shop (before we had to pack it all up!) and let us play around with styling a few different frames. Not usually ones to style eyewear with our daily looks, this shoot really got us excited to incorporate some eye styles into our Spring wardrobes! Below are a few of the shots from the shoot. 

Keep your eyes peeled to see our faces on some of the ads around town! :)