Brand Spotlight / Broken Promises / by Lyndsey+Lauren

We've taken our pop-up to the next level this time around and have decided to feature some of our favourite brands alongside our vintage clothing. Shopping and supporting local is really important to us and we are excited to showcase some of Vancouver's talent. It also just so happens that all 4 brands in the shop are from the Mount Pleasant/Chinatown neighbourhoods; our favourite areas to hangout in the city.

We'd like to introduce these makers to you through our blog to give you a glimpse into their stories. 

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Broken Promises is the trading name, under which artist Karen La exhibits her work of hand-crafted jewelry. Constructed in Vancouver, British Columbia, each piece is created in an atmosphere of deliberate design and delicate preparation. Made of silver and brass, each piece is uniquely a product of Karen's own personal handicraft.

Taking inspiration from minimal art and 90's fashion, Broken Promises' collections see Karen La restricting her designs through the use of primary forms and linear lines. Broken Promises is for the modern man and women.

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Full collection of Broken Promises is available at the shop.