Chinatown / by Lyndsey+Lauren

It's no secret we love Chinatown. It's been the home to our last two studios and is also home to some of our favourite shops and restaurants in the city. When photographer Berkley Vopnjford asked to use our clothing for a shoot in the neighbourhood, we jumped on it. We've been longtime fans of her work and have been waiting for the right opportunity to shoot within the vibrant shops and backdrops that lie right outside our door. 

untitled shoot-7988.jpg
untitled shoot-7991.jpg
untitled shoot-8012.jpg
untitled shoot-8096.jpg
Photographer: Berkley Vopnfjord
Model: Elliat for Next Models
MUA: Karly Paranich
Creative Assistant: Aidan Weinrib
Clothing: Hey Jude
Jewelry: Wolf Circus