Thrift Chic Challenge / by Lyndsey+Lauren

We were SO excited to have been chosen for the Thrift Chic Challenge this season and really owe it to all the support and "likes" from everyone. (Thank you!). We've been visualizing and moodboarding how we want this collection to look and have finally nailed down a theme. Since this season we don't have to worry about presenting our Hey Jude collection in a certain way, the challenge is really going to let us showcase our styling abilities. We'll be posting blog entries and instagrams of our journey over the next month as we prepare for the show that'll be taking place April 28th at The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel.

As you may or may not know the 3 stylists chosen only get a $500 gift card to Value Village to create a full 15 look runway collection. That's shoes, accessories.. the whole thing. Not only that but we have to stay on budget... something that in itself when you have a gift card burning a hole in your pocket is it's on feat. It's a challenge that we think is going to be incredibly creative and really allow us to show what we've got. You don't normally think fashion runway when you walk into a Value Village so it's our job to really pick the right pieces and style it into the best show possible. We'll be sharing the stage with Ghazal and Jerome who were also finalists for the challenge and we can't wait to see what they'll be creating. 


Now we'll leave you with a few images from our moodboard so you can see where our heads at...

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