Sunday Specials #2 / by Lyndsey+Lauren

Sunday Specials is about all the things we've been really digging lately - from music to fashion to, well, anything we feel like posting about. Whenever we feel we have some rad gems to share we're going to round them up and a post a dose of inspiration. 


I've recently discovered Romanian born artist, Adrian Ghenie, and love his eerie portraits. Feast your eyes below. 


I stumbled across this article a few weeks back about "trusting your gut" off of Gwyneth Paltrow's website and it really sat with me. It was one of those pieces that you read and you instantly send it to your friends (and your mom) to read as well. I found the interview with the medium to be extremely interesting.

Warning: it's a super long read, but totally worth it!


Some chill, ambient music by Bob Moses to play on this Sunday afternoon.