Sunday Specials #3 / by Lyndsey+Lauren

Sunday Specials is about all the things we've been really digging lately - from music to fashion to, well, anything we feel like posting about. Whenever we feel we have some rad gems to share we're going to round them up and a post a dose of inspiration. 


Sia proves to amaze me year after year with her incredibly profound music that speaks to the heart and is so relatable in some way or another.  She just recently released the second video in her trilogy of music videos featuring an extremely talented young dancer, Maddie Zeigler, as well as Shia LaBeouf. It's so inspiring and refreshing to see such a popular artist create something so unique with her music videos; it's not about herself and her fame, it's about the collaborative effort to create something beautiful. Here is the video, Elastic Heart:

I didn't really know what to expect when I first watched this video... I'll admit, I was a bit confused.  Here is a great article accompanied by a video showing some behind the scenes of making the Elastic Heart video and what the video represents:


Zin Helena Song is a Korean artist based in Brooklyn who creates vibrant geometric paintings and sculptures on wood and canvas. Her work is inspired by architecture and the strong energy of the city. Check out some of her cool installations below.

helen 649583_orig.jpg