The Next Chapter / by Lyndsey+Lauren

We feel extremely fortunate to have had the unique opportunity to take our business for a test run in multiple different locations, featuring an assortment of varied products and for ranging lengths of time. Not only have we been able to organically grow into who are today but we've invited our customers along for our journey of growth and discovery. 

When we were finished setting up at 315 Abbott Street for our last pop-up shop in April, there  was a moment when we turned to each other and realized "this place feels right". All the years of work we had put in seemed to bring us to that one moment where we realized we were ready for the next chapter. Little did we know in that moment that it was going to be that very location that presented itself to us in an almost "is this really happening" sort of way. 

After a few months of all the nitty gritty (business plans, bank meetings, lawyers... you name it) we have now signed the lease and are taking possession in early August at 315 Abbott St. A whole new list of tasks has now presented itself as we now prepare for our very first full-time retail shop to open this Fall.  It's a time of transition for us but also a time that we've been able to reflect on all the experiences and people that have brought us to this point. We are so thankful for all the support and love we've received and are extremely excited to show you everything we've been working on. 

It's only up from here.