no grandmas here. / by lauren

Something we've always loved styling is a gorgeous silk blouse. Gone are the days of of the word "blouse" conjuring up images of grandma's adorned in polyester polka dots and stripes. Instead images of buttery textures and drapy layering come to mind. Toughen up a sheer button up with a leather bra or practice your layering with mixed fabrics of wool, plaid and leopard. Or go the other direction and channel the 40's glamour vibe a la Cara below with a done-up/undone look. The crazier the print we can find the better (have you seen our blouse with root vegetables all over it? Check it out in the shop... the most buttery fabric!). When you aren't feeling those eclectic prints you can always fall back on the classic cream or black version. Instant Scandinavian cool. 

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