the bomber 101 / by lyndsey

There is something about a light weight bomber jacket that we just absolutely love. Get the picture of a neon 80's skier suit out of your head and think more along the lines of beautiful silk, diamond stitched or leather detailing... sound better? Here is a little history on where the bomber actually originated from:
The bomber dates back to 1917 when the US Army developed them for pilots in their unheated cockpits; they needed warmth without their movement being restricted. Features like the cropped length, roomy sleeves and shoulders, snug waistbands and cuffs and numerous pockets were all components of the original design and are still trademark features of the bombers of today. Air Force crews would use their jackets as a show-off piece and adorn it with rank marks, squadron patches or elaborate paintings on the back of the jacket that depicted the number of missions completed, the type of aircraft flown or number of targets hit. Eventually all of these practiced were banned, but that didn't cause any decrease in demand for the jackets in the army. The bombers timeless look and popularity within the army is why it transferred so easily to popular culture and remains iconic to this day. We sure think it's pretty bad ass and love the look of it on anyone. Here are some of our current favourites:

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