september style / by danielle

I'll wager a guess that at least once over the past couple of weeks (admit it, maybe more than once) you've caught yourself schlepping around home wallowing in some so long sweet summer sorrows. I'll admit myself guilty of it for a minute...until it hit me that we are entering the greatest season of them all. Fall means layers on layers, brisk sunshine, spiced lattes, and Fashion Weeks; the high courts for fashion's darlings, serving up endless reasons why you should get up off of your couch.

Reason #1: Tweed & Tartan

Fashion keeps proving to recycle itself. Some of the same suspects are resurfacing with minor tweaks, managing to look as fresh as ever. My obsession with vintage has never been stronger, considering vintage pieces can be the perfect way to get a little Scottish spice back in your life. If you need any further convincing here are F/W 2013 looks from Celine, Chanel, St. Laurent, and Alexander McQueen.

Reason #2: Sheer  

Honestly who doesn't love a little see-through action. As a continuation of F/W, the S/S 2014 runways were filled with sheer panels, and I am totally onboard with this look sticking around. Calvin Klein, Jason Wu, and Jeremy Laing (amongst many others) gave us girls who were just the right mix of sexy and cool. Pretty much need everything about this in my life and that's all there is to say about that. 

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