GMJ / by danielle

It's official. I have a new-found, fully-blown girl crush on model Georgia May Jagger. Maybe it's the fact that she's only 5'7 (hello new era Kate Moss) and has a wicked gap between her two front teeth, but it's probably just the fact that she's a total badass babe. It's pretty self-explanatory once you realize (duh...) that her parents are the legendary Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. I have a serious infatuation with Mick Jagger & The Rolling Stones. If you haven't read Life by Keith Richards or Mick by Christopher Andersen then I'm pretty sure I just gave you some life plans for the next week. Mick Jagger very likely dresses better than I do so it makes total sense that his youngest daughter is killing it on the fashion scene. Her boyfriend is also rocker/model Josh McLellan from the British band Turbogeist (into it, into it...see why in bottom photo). Anyways, here is some Tuesday inspiration for you courtesy of my love for GMJ.

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