When is your next pop-up shop?

We generally have 2 pop-ups a year, one for Fall/Winter and one for Spring/Summer. Once we finalize location and dates all the details are shared on our social media and blog, so check back often!

Why would I buy vintage when I could buy new?

When you buy vintage you are decreasing your ecological footprint by recycling existing garments. The textile industry is one of the most detrimental industries to the environment so we aim to make as positive of a footprint as possible. Besides, who wants to all be wearing the same thing? When you shop vintage you can find incredibly unique pieces that no one else will have! 

Why do some of the items look so modern? Is it really vintage? 

Pieces will often be altered to make them more wearable. We aren't interested in wearing frumpy old dresses so why would we sell that? We really try to make everything look as trend-forward and wearable as possible because thats exactly how we'd want to wear it! For something to be considered "vintage" it needs to be 20 years old. This is actually perfect for our current collections because we've been very inspired by the 90's.

What size am I?

A generic size has been included with all of the pieces and with exact measurements for clothes that require a more perfect fit. We love altering the way a piece fits through styling; whether it's knotting, draping and layering, those are some easy way to make it fit specifically to you. 

I really love a piece but have no idea how to wear it!?

Check out our lookbooks and Pinterest for some styling inspiration. If you're still feeling stuck, we'd love to help so don't hesitate to send an email and we'll give you some ideas! Every time we have picked or reworked a piece we have a vision of how it could be worn.