Pop-Up Shops

Pop-Up [pop-uhp]:  A temporary retail establishment where merchandise of any kind is sold. Ranging in length from a few hours to months.


The idea of starting to do pop-up shops came to us for a few different reasons...

We had always wanted to open up our own boutique in the future and pop-ups seemed like the most feasible stepping stone toward making that happen. During our travels to other major cities we had seen the pop-up model happening, but not at home, so we saw an opportunity to bring this unique shopping experience to Vancouver. Lastly, our friends recognized our eye for finding unique vintage and urged us to share our passion with them and others... ie. do all the hard work to find rad vintage pieces!

Current Shop

Our Fall/Winter '14 shop is currently open and stocked with our latest collection of design-inspired vintage clothing and accessories. We've expanded on our shop concept to include locally-made goods such as jewelry, leather, and apothecary. New stock will be added to the floor weekly with new designers and collaborations happening throughout the 3 month pop-up. 

Past Shops

Each shop that we open carries a new collection of clothing that is tailored to the trends and styles of the current season.