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Boy Smells: Best Buds Votive Set
Boy Smells: Best Buds Votive Set
$70.00 CAD

$105.00 CAD

Boy Smells: Best Buds Votive Set

Micodose with our K*sh minis. This votive set contains four 3oz. petite versions of the standard 8.5oz candles. Fabulous for sampling smells, or as the perfect gift.

Quartet includes:

CASHMERE K*SH — pot flower, cashmere wood, white amber, tulip and musk
K*SH — pot, suede, white musk, tulip and amber
COWBOY K*SH — suede, saffron flower, labdanum, pot leaf, tonka and patchouli
ITALIAN K*SH — limoncello, pomelo, black pepper, basil, oregano, pot leaves, patchouli and cypress


Sensuous, accessible and bright, Boy Smells products elevate your intimate world. Packaged in pink and conceived beyond the gender binary, Boy Smells candles make loving your identity a daily ritual.