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Fiele Fragrances: Juniperus - HEY JUDE SHOP
$175.00 CAD

Juniperus: Juniper Leaf, Fir, Ylang Ylang

Juniper Leaf + Berry, Fir, Ylang Ylang, Myrrh

Calming, Meditative, Renewing


Clean and light, JUNIPERUS begins with juniperus recurva, a native Himalayan shrub cultivated in Nepal. Its uplifting scent is paired with invigorating fir and blooming ylang ylang to create a balanced fragrance that evokes alpine air and promotes inner harmony.  Some cloudiness or sediment may occur due to the high percentage of raw, natural extracts. 

50 ml / 1.7 fl oz Eau de Parfum


Fiele Fragrances (pronounced fil, meaning "to feel") uses wholesome plant-based extracts and ingredients that are sourced with the finest wildcrafted and cultivated raw ingredients from all over the world, to create modern fragrances that ripen on the skin. Made in small batches, by hand, in Los Angeles.