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Troubled Spirits: Oakwood, Damask Rose, Amber

Oakwood, Vanilla, Amber

Woody, Floral, Boozy

Whiskey soaked spices and wine soaked fruit are carried across by charred oak barrel and deep amber scent. This is a perfect scent for cutting through the winter cold, like a sip of bourbon under your coat. 

Perfume oils are blended into into hydrating liquid coconut oil and can be used on both skin and hair. All the scents are unisex and intended to be worn by anyone.
*Some sediment may appear in this fragrance due to the large quantity of oak wood absolute

15ml / 0.5 fl oz eau de parfum spray 

Never tested animals.


Libertine Fragrance creates fragrances to reengage the senses. They believe that the sensual exploration of the world and the pleasures found in it is essential for a beautiful life. Explore, taste, smell, love.