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Soft Woods: Fir, Incense, Rose
$86.00 CAD

Soft Woods: Fir, Incense, Rose

Fir, Incense, Rose

Woody, Floral, Sweet

Bright early sunbeams combed by tender needles dress the mossy floor in ordained speckled light. Dewy petals twist and curve to dance in these holy spotlights. Rough hands of conifer slowly caress soft rose curves wrapped in sheets of silky daylight. 

Unisex perfumes made by hand with the highest quality aromatic materials. 

15ml / 0.5 fl oz eau de parfum spray 

Never tested on animals. 


Libertine Fragrance creates fragrances to reengage the senses. They believe that the sensual exploration of the world and the pleasures found in it is essential for a beautiful life. Explore, taste, smell, love. All the scents are unisex and intended to be worn by anyone.